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Welcome to RacePredictions.com

First of all, let me welcome you to RacePredictions.com!

My goal with this site is to provide you with an automated way of predicting your times for an upcoming race. Traditional race prediction calculators allow you to input the total time of a recent training run or race. With this method, you may be working with incomplete information. My goal is to gain access to the entire dataset of GPS information and build predictions based on mini-segments within those training runs.

Currently, the site is in its first iteration. Strava is currently supported, and I plan on adding additional running logs in the future, assuming they have open API access.

This site is also an exercise for me to learn programming as well as explore the world of endurance sports analytics. Running, cycling and data are three interests of mine. I plan to spend some time discussing these analyses over the coming months.

You can expect that this site will evolve from offering just race time predictions.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me or follow me on Strava if you have any comments or suggestions!